Annual Personal Water Craft Clean Up Program

What is Because We Care Rally?

The Rescue Water Craft Association (RWCA) members and supporters gather worldwide to coordinate the bi-annual ‘Because We Care’ rally slated for the 18th and 19th of August and December 8th and 9th respectively. To participate at local waterways and launch areas to conduct cleanups, both on the shoreline and the water.

We invite you and your friends to participate in this annual international rally event! Because You Care Rally, because you are a good steward of the areas you recreate in and because you are an outstanding human being. We appreciate you. You represent the core ethos of the Rescue Water Craft Association.

We would like you to take a few moments to review Because We Care Rally recommendations and determine where you would like to make your significant contribution to your riding areas. Remember, this is not just for the allotted days, you can do this each time that you and your friends venture out!

Take the Initiative

This is a nice way to mentor and to foster goodwill in your community. It’s a great way to make your area a better place from your efforts, ‘Because You Care’.

Please take photos of your or your group efforts and send back to

You can create a team theme or name!

RWCA Japan: (Japan)

You will receive a registration kit, identification number and downloadable materials. Please consider becoming a RWCA member as well!


1. August 18-19, 2018

2. December 8-9, 2018

Who can participate? You, your family, and your friends!

Where? Your local waterway; river, lake, pond, boat launch or shoreline


    • Water: Personal Water Craft, do not go out alone, use the buddy system with another water craft!
    • Land: Protective Garments appropriate for the climate, foot wear, & required safety apparel
    • Protective Gloves
    • Protective Eye Wear
    • Refuse containers such as garbage cans or disposable bags or buckets
    • Refuse collection site for disposal
    • Secure all refuse safely
    • Keep an electronic communication device with you that is waterproofed

Personal Water Craft (PWC)

Be sure you have all your federal, state, prefecture or country required emergency and operational equipment in order.

Carry your Boater License or Identification Card.

Wear an approved properly fitted and sized lifejacket for each person on board.

Observe all country or origin rules and regulations at all time.


    • Be observant of your surroundings at all time
    • Wear sturdy hard sole shoes
    • Use a litter recovery tool and carry a large bucket to collect refuse with
    • Stay out of sensitive habitat areas
    • Observe weather conditions and plan ahead
    • Stay hydrated or thermal layer up for the cold
    • Wear eye protection
    • Use protective gloves
    • Move slowly, remain observant and stay safe: Be careful of insects, birds, shoreline critters and marine life.
    • Do not go alone, use the buddy system, and carry a cell phone with you in case of emergency

What not to do

    • Do not participate if there is inclement weather; Be aware of thunderstorms in your area and if one occurs, seek shelter immediately away from the water.
    • Do not access high risk areas or zones that are not permitted for operations
    • Do not participate if there is lightning in the area within 10 miles of your location
    • Do not participate after daylight
    • Do not place yourself or others at risk or your craft or on shore
    • Do not operate your Personal Water Craft over any floating debris, keep your pump safe and clear!
    • Do not overload your vessel or exceed its weight load capacity
    • Be careful and aware of your surroundings. Do not touch any wildlife and keep a safe distance if you observe any in your immediate area.


Determine the amount of refuse you remove by the gallon or weight and log it on the RWCA Vbulletin forum for registered members. OR send us a photo with your or your group efforts with background information so we can share it with the world. Because you care!


Participate and your own risk. Prepare and plan ahead. Be a prudent mariner, and obey all rules, regulations, and laws in your country of origin.




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