Our Rescue Water Craft Community is an international network that members promote through sharing advice, connections, training tips, and equipment pitfalls and success.

Our members are passionate about lifesaving and the pursuit of excellence in their respective field.

RWCA members work towards building stronger water rescue connectivity based on innovation, best practices.

We treat our community with respect and understanding. The RWCA is an ambassador of goodwill and our membership is reciprocal.


The saying is ‘One is None’ but it takes one to bring people together. Everyone wants to be a part of a successful and professional venture.

Pioneers are risk takers, bold and ready to move ahead with risky innovations and ideas that others were not ready to tackle. Our pioneers began this adventure in the 1970s and have an esteemed pedigree in the water and rescue communities respectively. Pioneers strive to better communities and to drive innovation and change for the greater good.

Chief is our founder Shawn Alladio who gained inspiration from her grandfather’s private business and race car background; toiling long hours at projects with family support for both clients and the podium. These generational ethics of hard work and earned effort are the cornerstone of all rescue doctrines. Shawn pays tribute to her colleagues and to Kawasaki Motors Corporation (KMC) for putting the Jet Ski ® boat into the public safety arena.

Through KMC’s innovative Public Law Loan Program under Wake of Fame Lifetime Achievement award recipient Mr. Roger Hagie, Shawn was a trainer for many of the public safety agencies under the P.W.I.A. program. Shawn has since been inducted into two Hall of Fames and has received top awards for drowning, accident reduction and heroics.

These worthy experiences translate directly to our membership. We are modern, connected to the industry and have the world’s top Subject Matter Experts on our Board of Directors.

Today our Membership is enjoyed by those who are inspired to assist others, whether in a time of peril, preparation of response or a competitive edge.


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In 2018 we received our IRS Letter of Determination. After four years of vested development for future success this allowed the RWCA to launch!

Our impact was immediate. We created the first accident reviews, studies and approved RWC’s the world has never known! These are to help others become not only aware of mishaps but how the solve them before reaching a crisis point. We can add to the reduction of these repetitive mishaps, accidents and deaths through education and training. What higher or noble cause is there?

In 2018:

    • We were awarded the GuideStar Bronze Seal of Transparency. GuideStar is the pinnacle of non-profit transparency and it is the world's largest source of information on nonprofit organizations.
    • We received the GreatNonProfits 2018 Top-Rated badge!
    • We celebrated the second year of the International Rescue Water Craft Day held on June 21st

To date our Wake of Fame Award program (WOF) is the only international awards program that honors local heroes, responders, legacy, lifetime and innovators in our culture and a host of worthy contributors to the Greater Good.

Our Never Quit Challenges (NQC) have had direct impact on combat wounded veterans, Gold, Silver and Blue star families, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue and Lifeguards as well as our fantastic cadre of volunteers who steer the mission to its ending! Never Quit Challenges are adventures, educational outreach programs, training and hardships that hone our instinctive desire to thrive and endure. Clear the Way! Is the Never Quit Challenge slogan and our goal is to focus on the future and what goodwill contributions lie ahead.

We have the only accredited Volunteer Disaster Response RWC program in the world!

Rescue Water Craft Association believes in you, your agency, and your personal best!


Current paid RWCA Members have their own private forum to access, share and gain modern knowledge and updates from!

Rescue Water Craft Association Japan members have access as well.

Topics: History, Communications, PPE, Troubleshooting, Rescue Boards, GPS and Tracking devices, Night Operations, Training Questions, rescue stories, awards programs and more!

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