H20 Responders is a volunteer group that is vetted, trained and on watch for weather related events that can result in water disasters. 

Weather Watch for Water Safety is a vital part of our H2o Responders program at the Rescue Water Craft Association (RWCA). Responses to natural and catastrophic disasters as well as regional weather events are a significant part of our cultural safety and risk. We pay close attention to volcanic, earthquake, atmospheric and man-made disasters relevant to potential deployment to these disasters the Disaster Water Response team. 

The RWCA was most recently involved in the Floodwaters in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey in Orange County, Texas. We sent a group of volunteers; the Disaster Water Response team, to respond to the disaster.  

We also engaged in local community support when people, pets and livestock were threatened in the aftermath of the Thomas Fire in Southern California which resulted in deadly floods of debris and mud flow.

RWCA is preparing in advance of potential weather related water disaster events in 2018 so that our Disaster Water Response volunteer team can be utilized using rescue water craft for human evacuation, pets and livestock recovery efforts.


Up to date Weather events can be viewed on the corresponding Facebook page:  H20 Responders

Our team is compromised of subject matter experts in our field of expertise. David Pu’u is our resident weather watcher. 

David Pu'u is native Hawai'ian who has a physical and spiritual connection to the elements as shown through his photography work. That connection is directed at the ocean, the land and connected by the atmopsheric connections. Through his lens we visit the moments captured in time. Weather is a component of his work and his life, as a professional surfer wave and weather forecasting measured the success of surf sessions. 

If you would like to volunteer for the H20 Responders, please JOIN and become a member to start the vetting process and participate in training.

Please enjoy David's weather updates for your safety and pursuits, share with your friends and visit his page to view his artwww.DavidPuu.com






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